Company History

TBS was originally established in 1975 as Fixings Tyne Tees (FTT), the company progressed through supplying fasteners to the Construction, Industrial, and Nautical industries. From there the business grew in size, and theFixings Tyne Tees (FTT)’s reputation for quality and service was born.

In 2003 TBS was established, and from this point on we were responsible for supplying the Automotive and Specialist manufacturing industries.

25th July 2017


Company founder Godfrey Cowie graduated from Liverpool University, achieving Bachelor of Engineering and began work as design engineer at Dorman Long and ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was a British chemical company and for much of its history, the largest manufacturer in Britain with about 30000 employees.)
25th July 2017


Godfrey Cowie left ICI and established Fixing Tyne Tees (FTT), a company involved in supplying specialist fastenings to the chemical, manufacturing and ship building industries in North East England.
25th July 2017


Second generation family member Ian Cowie entered the company as 2nd MD.
25th July 2017

Core clients of the 80s

North East England has three large ports in 40 mile radius. Consequently, Oil Rig production was the largest source of employment for almost 20years hence the main clients of FTT.
25th July 2017


Warehouse and offices acquired in Hartlepool to accommodate the companies’ rapid growth.
25th July 2017

1980 – 2000

Teesport developed as a major car import/export centre, driven in part by its proximity to the Nissan Sunderland plant. This plant also created a world class automotive support industry and was instrumental in the British car industries’ spectacular recovery following its decline throughout the 1970s.
25th July 2017


FTT Group enters the automotive sector, developing a range of caliper screws for inclusion in brake pad sets as a world first. Early clients included like Ferodo and Mintex.
25th July 2017


Third generation Roy Cowie entered the business in 1991, then he became a sales manager within three years and took on the Managing Director role in 2000.
25th July 2017


FTT Group develops purpose built warehouse and offices in Middlesbrough to accommodate the automotive side.
25th July 2017


FTT Group achieves ISO9001 – 2008. FTT formalised join-venture in Taiwan.
25th July 2017


FTT Group opens its own packing line in UK. FTT Group opens a representative and R&D office in Rome. FTT Group starts to manufacture and distribute in India.
25th July 2017


TBS Ltd devolves from FTT Group as a specialist automotive fastener supplier focusing on braking components. The company wins its first OE contract for Audi project. Clients are won in China and USA.
25th July 2017

2013 – Present

TBS Ltd gradually adding its product range to include clips, wear indicators, cast and machined parts.
25th July 2017

2014 – 2016

Exhibited at Automechanika both in Birmingham and Frankfurt
25th July 2017


TBS opens a warehouse in Romania for R&D, Quality Engineering & Distribution.
23rd July 2017


In 2017, TBS launches Trusted Braking Solutions for all friction business.