C041 for Land Rover


•Position : Front Axle

•Year of production : 04/2006 –

•Pad OE numbers : LR016962, LR015578, LR021253, LR051626, LR026221, LR016684, LR020362, SFP500190, SFP500200, LR032063, LR026220, LR047859

•Pad WVA numbers : 25021, 25022, 602762, 25203, 25204

•TBS Code :C041

We can supply part or all of the kit, in bulk or packed in kits.

Just ask and a solution can be tailored to meet your needs.

The team will be glad to send samples for your appraisal.

For more information or samples: info@tbsglobal.uk or call us today +441642431990.

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