TBS has developed skills in a range of production techniques, including machining, cold forging, continuous die stamping, injection moulding and investment casting which allows it to produce and supply any brake pad accessory component fitted to today’s complex automobile braking systems.


A robust supply chain, a rigorous program of auditing and quality control and adequate buffer stocks provide an armour plated service every time.


Key distribution partners and the capability of providing local warehouse hubs in specific markets allow the best solutions at the lowest cost to our clients.


TBS has a risk averse culture which allows it to achieve consistent progressive growth year on year. For our clients this means we won’t promise what we can’t fulfil, and we won’t take on what we can’t handle.


Kits weight are checked for guaranteed accuracy.
Capacity of 10 million of kits a year.
In-house fully automated packaging line.

Logistic Solutions

Consignment Stock.
In-house fully automated packaging line.